You can’t have both

Pop quiz, parents: You’re going on an airplane trip and you get a choice. Either:

Scenario 1: Your 5-month old is perfect on the airplane, requiring no attention and cooing merrily to the delight of nearby passengers. However, that night, she never manages to sleep for more than half an hour, getting you up about 15 times, and crying loud enough to wake up everyone in the house sleeping nearby.

Scenario 2: Your 5-month old is a terror on the airplane, refusing to calm down upon take off, throwing up, screaming the whole time, and generating two disgusting dirty diapers (nearly impossible to change in those tiny bathrooms). The screams prompt glares from those nearby and one request from the flight attendant to please attend to the baby because she is disturbing the other passengers. However, that night, she has her best night of sleep of her life so far, resting for 10 solid hours with no interruption.

What do you choose? WHAT do you CHOOSE? (Ooops, channeling Speed there.)

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  1. Michaela Says:

    So you’re saying you can’t have one on the way there and the other on the way back…?

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