Sammy plays WoW

For the last few months, I’ve not been playing very much World of Warcraft — typically 3-6 hours per week and that’s it. That changed last Tuesday — they’ve released some new content, and I’ve been playing a bit more than normal. On Sunday, while Sophie was napping, I played a few minutes with Sammy on my lap, and explained to him a bit of what was going on.

He really likes watching my character fly around on his Netherwing Drake (Sammy calls it a bird), and while I was doing a couple of quick daily quests, he narrated a bit of what he could see. He doesn’t distinguish between my character and me — both are just “Daddy” to him.

“Now Daddy’s fishing.” (I was.)

“Daddy’s getting that flower. He’s getting all of them!” (Picking herbs.)

“Daddy’s giving the big fish to that man.” (True, turn-in of the World’s Biggest Mudfish.)

“He’s mailing those boots to mommy. Mommy will like them!” (Mailing some magic boots to a bank alt for disenchanting.)

“Those are clouds.” (Yup.)

“Now daddy’s at the farmer’s market. He’s buying fruit!” (Not quite, I was selling junk and buying candles in the Shattrath Lower City refugee camp.)

“That’s the sun going down.”

“Daddy’s flying to Hawaii!” (Taking the flight path from Silvermoon to the Isle of Quel’Danas. Every island is Hawaii to him right now, since we’ve been talking about his trip to Hawaii last year and looking at Hawaii pictures.)

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  1. rachel Says:

    What a cutie, he be grow up to be a storyteller!!

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