An update to the excruciating update

Well, I thought everything was back to normal on Thursday morning. Sophie and Sammy slept through the night (more or less), no undue bodily fluids appeared, and everything and everyone seemed happy and well.

Until: Thursday afternoon at work, the school called to tell me Sophie wasn’t keeping her food down. So I picked her up and Kimi and I took turns looking after her; she was in a great mood, but with a very touchy tummy. (That’s the scientific medical term.)

Today she’s “excluded” from school, but still very happy. We’re giving her juice and very simple foods instead of milk, and Kimi’s watching her today while I try to catch up at work. (A friend who is a father of twins told me that he was useless at work for the first year after his twins were born. I don’t feel “useless” but it’s definitely harder to balance life and work.) Hopefully Sophie’s back to normal after today — just in time for her teething pain to start.

In better news, Kimi had her two week follow-up appointment after her back surgery of April 22; they declared her to be healing well, and gave her the green light to drive (which she took advantage of by slipping off to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night, and seeing Baby Mama with Yvonne Wednesday). However, they extended the ban on her lifting/bending/twisting by another two weeks, so it’ll be six weeks more before she can carry her children.

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