Is there even a word in Spanish for bacon?

I recognize the relationship between Taco Bell’s menu and actual Mexican food has always been something similar to the relationship between how computers work in Hollywood movies versus how they actually work in real life — a fiction loosely inspired by the source material, designed to look real to those who have never had much hands-on experience with the genuine article.

But as I drove by a Taco Bell this morning and saw an ad for their new “Bacon Club Chalupa,” I couldn’t help but feel that they’re not even trying any more.

I don’t eat bacon (heresy!) but I’ll bet 31 grams of fat and 970 milligrams of sodium never tasted so muy bueno.

4 Responses to “Is there even a word in Spanish for bacon?”

  1. El Muro Says:

    Sorry to barge in like this, but I have to set the record strait. Bacon was actually invented in Mexico. The European swine stole the idea from ancient Mayans.
    I have been eating bacon tacos since I was a little chalupa myself. On special occasions, such as my great pappy’s brithday, we would even wrap our burritos in bacon instead of tortillas.
    In fact, deep fried bacon laden tacos was a family specialty. I think Mr. Bell stole my familas recipe. Damn you, senior Bell. Damn you.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Very funny Rob.

  3. jen brister Says:


  4. Jaun Millalonco Says:

    My first visit here, found the blog accidentally really, and I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed my visit and had some good reads while here 🙂

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