Friday was a teacher in-service day, so I took the day off work and our family escaped the unseasonal heat wave and made our way across the Santa Cruz mountains (stopping in Moss Landing for a 100% deep-fried seafood lunch) to Monterey, where we stayed for an Aquarium weekend. After checking into our hotel and heading out for a drive, the kids promptly fell asleep for their naps. (We could have timed it better.) So Kimi and I enjoyed the 17-Mile Drive in nearby Pebble Beach. They woke up just in time to see the lone cypress, and then we picked up overpriced sandwiches from the Lodge market and ate on the beach as the sun started to set. (In turn, the mosquitoes had their own dinner.)

The kids adjusted to the hotel room pretty well , and we enjoyed the aquarium on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Sammy was particularly impressed by the hammerhead sharks of the Outer Bay exhibit, but also enjoyed watching the otters play, touching bat stars, walking through the giant wave room, gazing at the jellies, peeking in on hermit crabs, and much more.

I can’t say the weekend was without stress (particularly on Saturday trying to find a good lunch spot, and Saturday night, when a loud neighbor kept us awake), but it was great to get away. The hotel pool was fun too.

Crappy iPhone pictures from Pebble Beach follow (as a placeholder until I have some time to see if any of the real camera’s pictures from the aquarium came out).

Stephen and Sophie in Pebble Beach, Friday, May 16, 2008, Pebble Beach, CA;  photo by Kimi Mack

Sammy Mack in tie dye, Friday, May 16, 2008, Pebble Beach, CA

The Lone Cypress, a trademarked image being used here for non-commercial purposes, Friday, May 16, Pebble Beach, CA

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