TiVo announces partnership with CinemaNow for Disney and other movie downloads

Hey folks, amongst all the hubbub for our Q1 results released today, we also announced a partnership with CinemaNow to deliver Disney movie rentals to your box via our Video Download service. (MegaZone has some additional coverage on this as well.)

We’ve been working hard with the CinemaNow folks to get this ready for you. Keep an eye on your Download TV, Movies, & Web Video menu (under TiVo Central -> Find Programs & Downloads); this new service will arrive later this year.

Between CinemaNow and Amazon Unbox, every major movie studio will be available on your TiVo-branded DVR.

Personally, my favorite classic Disney movie has to be The Jungle Book. I’ve been reading the book version to Sammy for a few weeks. At some point pretty soon, he’ll be old enough to watch the movie — now I know how I’ll get it to him.

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