Best of TiVo Video Downloads, June 23, 2008

[Please enjoy John T.’s latest list of the best of TiVo Video Downloads. –Stephen]

With this week’s premiere of Celebrity Family Feud (which should be listed as “Celebrity” Family Feud), you can tell that we’ve officially entered the crazy “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” part of the summer. Although, I am cheering for a few shows to stick around (Swingtown is like a traffic accident you just can’t stop looking at) and happy to have a few old friends back (Nancy, Andy and the rest of the Botwin’s on Weeds), I’m glad to have my summer entertainment supplemented with all-new TiVo Video Download goodness. Here’s what I was into this week.

  1. The Meth Minute 39 train came hurtling into the Channel Frederator station this week with its final episode, which was dedicated to the fact that it was the last episode of The Meth Minute 39… clever. I’ve enjoyed most of the past 39 weeks of Dan Meth’s opus, especially the now infamous “Internet People” episode that started the whole thing off 39 weeks ago.
  2. ViroPOP‘s Zaproot had a great green story this week about a tanker that offset 30% of its fuel consumption by attaching a giant sail to itself for the duration of its journey. With the cost of oil skyrocketing, it’s nice to see that we’ve come up with solutions from the 1700s to help us reduce our costs.
  3. Budget Health Nut, one of our newer channels from the folks at ON Networks, featured an easy-to-make recipe for healthy beef enchiladas. Now I know we all love Taco Bell and their endless supply of combinations for the same five items (the beef Crunchwrap Supreme is a religious experience) but with bathing suit season upon us, we could all use a fast food alternative.
  4. I was going to go see The Love Guru this weekend…but alas, I could not after seeing The New York Times review posted in Movie Minutes last Friday. To say that the review was brutal would be an understatement. At one point, the reviewer is debating whether The Love Guru is worse than Mike Myers last live-action movie (the terrible adaptation of The Cat in the Hat) but refuses to make a decision on which is worse, as that would require watching both movies again. Ouch.
  5. Last but not least this week, there was The Onion‘s coverage of the high school Tony awards. As a drama kid in high school and a theater major in college, I can attest to the accuracy of these ridiculous awards. This episode actually hit a bit too close to home for me at first, but also brought back some awesomely awkward memories with its lower-thirds like “Host Mr. B urges students never to settle for a teaching job.” Somewhere in the middle of nowhere USA, my high school drama teacher is still telling kids the same thing.

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