My time without a laptop (a harrowing tale of woe)

At work, my co-workers are used to seeing me attached to my laptop, leading to such classic lines as, “Woah, are you married to that thing?”
Well, not today.

On Friday, after arriving home, my laptop slid out of its case (because I hadn’t zipped it all the way) and crashed about four feet to the pavement. It made a sickening thud. I was furious with myself for being so clumsy. While no pieces broke off, in the aftermath, the hard drive was making distressed noises and the screen no longer worked.

So, for the first time in a long time, I didn’t do any work over the weekend, and checked no work e-mail. When I got into the office this morning, I dropped it with our IT folks, and Peter spent most of the day recovering what he could. (Almost all of my work is saved on the network drive, but there were a few things saved locally that I didn’t want to lose.) He couldn’t fix the screen, so he spent the rest of the day building me a new laptop.

The upside is a nice new shiny laptop, faster, with a bigger screen. The downside is I’ve now spent the entire evening downloading and installing and configuring programs, and I’m still a long way from being done.

Isn’t it time that Microsoft offers a service that lets you save your configuration online and restore it for just such an occasion?

It was jarring to not be able to check e-mail throughout the day. But instead, I did manage to clean up my cubicle, sort and file a huge stack of papers and files, set up a second DVR, and generally cross off a few dozen items that had been languishing on my (paper) to-do list. But now I’m facing a few thousand unread e-mails.

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