The same thing we do every night, pink eye: Try to take over the world.

I learned something this week. When your child develops a condition where little bits of white ooky stuff comes out of his or her eye, that’s pink eye (aka conjunctivitis) — even if the eye in question is not actually pink.

First Sophie got pink eye on Monday; the school called us to say come get that infectious condition out of their classroom if you please. She cleared up after some drops, but then Friday it was Sammy the school called us about.

So, says Kimi to me and me to Kimi, extra washing of hands and whatever you do, don’t touch your eyes.

You know how hard it is to not touch your eyes? I just did it even though I was literally typing up how I shouldn’t do it.

To celebrate pink eye week, we went down to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, enjoying sand and surf and garlic fries and ice cream and lost car keys. Thankfully someone found them and turned them into the lifeguards. One of the scariest 10 minutes of my life though.

Right before the scene where both kids were conked out on the sidewalk with Kimi while I ran to find the keys, Sammy enjoyed a dragon ride, a truck ride and a boat ride. Most other rides required 48″ of height, which is disappointing if you can only muster 36″. All in all, though, a very relaxing day.

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