Best of TiVo Video Downloads, July 29

[From John T., as usual. Got ideas or feedback? Let us know! –Stephen]

This week’s top five list includes hot dogs on pizza, cats chasing lasers, and me getting pelted with index cards. Check out the best of the best in Video Downloads this week.

  1. I can’t figure out whether The Onion thinks they’re really funny or if they’re just trying to save us from ourselves. This past week, they took us inside the ever-evolving world of fast food innovation. Part of me thinks that pizza topped with hot dogs would do really well.
  2. Did you know you can now buy products from Amazon right from your TiVo DVR? If you were watching Media Bytes with Shelly Palmer last week you would know. Shelly covers the top tech news stories each day with a bit of commentary and a bit of snark.
  3. What’s a better distraction from the news and the expanding American waistline than cute animals chasing a laser pointer? Nothing. Which is why I know I can always count on Ultra Kawaii Pets to help me unwind.
  4. With the almost complete lack of interesting broadcast TV this summer, I’ve been forced to go deeper into my dial to find suitable entertainment. While surfing one Sunday I came across my new obsession: Top Gear. It’s a car show on BBC America that’s gotten me more interested in automobiles in general, which means I’m enjoying VOD Cars even more. VOD Cars is all about user-generated car video, with everything from fast laps on a track to some crazy highway driving. It’s almost enough to make me learn to drive stick.
  5. Finally this week, I have to say that I enjoyed Cranky Geeks even though I ended up watching it twice on the same day. Let me explain. I was lucky enough to be invited to watch the live taping of Cranky Geeks in San Francisco last week. I had been in a meeting in their offices so I didn’t get into the studio until about 8 minutes into the show. As the lone audience member that day, I got a bit more attention than I was planning on and had the pleasure of dodging index cards for the bulk of the show. I also got to correct the Geeks during a commercial break regarding our new Amazon service, which was somewhat satisfying after spending so much time talking back to my television during their discussions over the past year. Thanks again to the Cranky Geeks folks for letting me sit in on their show!

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