Busy month, changing gears

Now that I’ve updated this blog to the latest software and ironed out all the wrinkles, it’s very apparent how little I posted in July: Just six articles prior to today, and five of them work-related and one blog-software-related.

Partly, work has been very busy and we accomplished quite a bit in the last couple of weeks

  • YouTube
  • Product Purchase
  • Launched in Australia
  • Major web site update
  • New software release for Series3 and HD units
  • A bunch of other internal stuff that I can’t put here

I’ve been using FriendFeed quite a bit, sharing a few articles and comments there, and that’s the other part of why I haven’t posted here as much.

That means I didn’t write up anything at all about our trip to Pine Mountain Lake for the Fourth of July, or about Sammy’s and Sophie’s battles with impetigo (warning: Wikipeida always chooses horrific photos to accompany their disease articles; that link is not for the weak-stomached), or about our staying with three different families during our house remodeling, which is now stretching into the fifteenth week. Or even about having sushi on Friday with Steve and Andrea and Isaac, and learning their exciting news.

We’re definitely grateful to the Vallone family and to Garry & Marilyn’s family and now to my brother Rob and sister-in-law Kelly. Their hospitality is very generous, and we endlessly appreciate not having to stay in a hotel. But we’re so homesick it’s driving us all crazy.

So today we’re hoping to verify that Wednesday is our move-back-in day (when the chaos REALLY begins). And lo and behold, I’m posting here again.

The theme of my posts here this week will be “changing gears.” More on that idea to come.

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