Eight lessons from the Gilroy Garlic Festival 2008

  1. Sunday is less crowded than Saturday (and at 10am the traffic was practically nothing), but next year I hope take a vacation day from work and visit it on Friday instead.
  2. Mild weather trumps crowds: If the forecast shows one of the three days is much less hot than the other three, choose that day.
  3. Parent to young-child ratio of 1:1 too demanding. Strollers on the dusty ground pose challenges. (Friday & daycare may be the solution.)
  4. No matter how much your two-year-old says he wants to ride the carnival ride in the kids area with the Jeep 4x4s going up and down and round and round, he really won’t like it.
  5. Not all garlic corn is created equal. The high school fundraising booth with $3 corn isn’t bad, but the other place has better corn.
  6. Get to the free vanilla garlic ice cream both early, to avoid it being sold out and also because the more garlic-infused regular food you eat, the less your tangue can really appreciate the nuance of garlic ice cream.
  7. The shade structure with the karaoke has plusses and minuses. The plusses include the shade, and available seating. The minuses include the karaoke.
  8. The best spot in the whole place is the rain room.

Yvonne and baby Logan joined Kimi, Sammy, Sophie and me for the Gilroy Garlic Festival again yesterday. While I had a great time, and I feel like Sammy and Sophie loved it too, Yvonne and Kimi thought it all a bit too much with little kids. I already can’t wait for next year, though.

3 Responses to “Eight lessons from the Gilroy Garlic Festival 2008”

  1. Scrappy Says:

    I just thought it worth mentioning that I had a really good time spending the day with you all and the food was as good as ever (except maybe the corn). It just wasn’t the same carefree kind of day that I was used to since I had to be more aware of Logan’s needs. Plus it was pretty hot! I’m all for going on a Friday! Or at least not without a better parent/child ratio. =)

  2. Tomi Says:

    I went several years ago with you and Kimi. It was too hot and I missed the garlic ice cream. Don’t go late and don’t go if you get heat rash!

  3. MegaZone Says:

    Man, I was so tempted – I was out there to visit Sling’s offices this past week and I found out the GGF was this past weekend late in the week. But I already had plans to meet up with friends Saturday and I flew home Sunday, so while I considered it I decided it would’ve been too stressful to try to squeeze a trip to Gilroy in. I last made it to the festival in 1997 when I still lived in CA – next year I must plan ahead since I should be living there again.

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