Sammy the gourmand

Most days, the reports from our daycare (The Children’s Pre-School Center, of Palo Alto) are fairly matter of fact. Each child in the class gets a mention, and the activities are pretty much what you’d expect (story book readings, playing in the yard, learning about animals and numbers and letters).

One report, from last Tuesday, was definitely an eyebrow-raiser, however:

Sammy knows a lot of yummy foods that his Mommy and Daddy prepare at home. He named them all. They were pizza, omelet, carrot pizza, shark soup, cheese cake, and vegetable pizza. I asked him how to make omelet. He said, “You just need to make it with egg.” Wow, how smart he is.

Notable is that Sammy really doesn’t like pizza, so we don’t make it or serve it very often. And while we’re as hippy-Californian as most people in the Bay Area, there’s no way we’d make carrot pizza. That sounds awful. Furthermore, I don’t recall ever giving him cheesecake. Not even on Mother’s day at The Cheesecake Factory.

Come to think of it,  I can’t remember the last time we made omelets.

Plus shark soup? Is that like shark fin’s soup? That’s just bizarre. Isn’t it illegal?

Good job, Sammy, for not talking about hot dogs and grilled cheese like the other kids. For your third birthday in September, how about some carrot pizza?

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  1. Lacy Tree Says:

    Carrot pizza? Where do kids come up with these things?

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