YouTube launched!

I didn’t get a chance to note this previously, but on Thursday, July 17, those lucky TiVo Series3 and TiVo HD owners who already have the latest software being rolled out (version 9.4) received a new feature, YouTube on TiVo.

It’ll take a couple of weeks or so before everyone using a high-def TiVo DVR gets this, but there are some exciting behind-the-scenes improvements that are involved.

  • YouTube is the first content partner using streaming instead of download for video delivery.
  • YouTube is our first implementation of H.264 video, a major evolution over the MPEG2-based video format that runs on all other TiVo DVR platforms.
  • YouTube is the first Home Media Engine (HME) application that incorporates seamless video playback.

Unfortunately, Series2 owners will never be able to run this. The changes I mentioned require the chip technology that’s only available with the high-def boxes.

Because we now have a streaming partner, one small change: when you use the Download TV, Movies, & Web Video menu item under Find Programs & Downloads on TiVo Central (which is where you’ll find the new YouTube menu item), the title of that page used to be “Video Downloads.” But with YouTube, nothing is being downloaded. So the new title is “Broadband Video.” A small and subtle but important distinction.

2 Responses to “YouTube launched!”

  1. Sam Says:

    So when will TiVo be offering a Series2 to Series3 converter?

  2. Stephen Says:

    About the same time as Kaiser offers a substitution of one’s 40-year-old body for a 20-year-old body?

    Seriously, the hardware’s very different. I believe we have sent several transition offer e-mails in the past. Contact me if you want a special deal on a new Series3.

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