Looking for your favorite shows and blogs?

Why, we’re watching the Olympics too. We’re all watching! Your favorite shows and blogs will return after the Olympics.

Zeigen.com — returning on Monday, August 25.

And now, back to our live coverage of the prelim quarterfinal qualifications of the men’s indoor short track handball 400 meter speed dressage beach trapshooting, where the welterweight Latvian team is in the medal hunt against a field of veteran Olympic athletes, including superstar Zbgnw Klrnzxst. But first, we check in with women’s table tennis. Bob?

3 Responses to “Looking for your favorite shows and blogs?”

  1. Lacy Tree Says:

    I love the Olympics! The swimming has been wonderful to watch.

  2. Stephen Says:

    To quote a co-worker regarding the Men’s 4x100m relay: “Suck it, France!” Certainly a dramatic race.

    I could watch all day. I’ve really enjoyed the fencing, horse jumping, volleyball, gymnastics, and basketball.

    Jon Carroll has a good column on the Olympics today.

  3. Lacy Tree Says:

    Yes, by far the best race has been the 4x100m relay by the men’s team. I was almost asleep when it started and by the end I was sitting on the edge of the bed trying not to scream at the TV and wake my neighbors. It was a great win that was well deserved after the smack talking.

    I’ve only seen volleyball, gymnastics and swimming so far. Sadly, I’m a primetime watcher only at the moment. I need to set my Tivo 🙂

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