Best of TiVo Video Downloads, August 18

This week’s Top 5 is a special tribute to our newest partner, Revision3. We’re more than excited to add all of the great Revision3 shows to the Video Downloads lineup…and not just because I’m a huge Totally Rad Show fanboy. Their shows have one basic thing in common: they’re a new spin on an old classic. Let me show you what I mean. Here’s my favorite Revision3 stuff from the past week.

  • Wine Library TV: Episode 519 – Lambic Beer Tasting: I went wine tasting recently with a group of friends and heard one of them exclaim that they loved the way the wine tasted in their cheeks…at which point I thought I’d never understand why/how people went wine tasting. Gary Vaynerchuck’s show is exactly the opposite of that. Although he’s not tasting wine in this episode, he gives beer the same energetic and down-to-earth treatment that’s helped bring wine to those of us that previously just didn’t get it (for example, he uses bacon as a palate cleanser…awesome).
  • Internet Superstar: Episode 38: When you spend all day watching internet tv like I do, it’s nice to know that someone else out there finds the hilarity in the growing stable of Internet Celebrities. This episode has Martin interviewing Marnia Orlova from HotForWords about the insults that he often endures. Classic interview show with an internet twist.
  • EPIC FU: Postcard Secrets, Killing Plastic, Emo Hate: It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of EPIC FU for a long time (in relative internet time). This week Zadi’s highlighting the PostSecret project, trying to go an entire week without using plastic…and highlighting the plight of the Russian Emo kids. Stay strong sad teens! EPIC FU’s helped me find time wasting games, great new music and kept me informed about the latest in internet pop culture. EPIC FU is my internet PBS.
  • Tekzilla: Episode 46: As part of the fun of working with TiVo’s Video Download’s department I have a gigantic laptop. No really, this thing has its own time zone, gravitation field, and zip code. One of the first things one of my co-workers asked when he saw it was “So what games will it play?” It’s close, but not quite in line, with the super computers on this week’s Tekzilla. We’re big fans of Patrik and Veronica (they’ve both appeared on multiple shows on Video Downloads over the past year) so it’s the best of both worlds. Tekzilla is This Old House for Tech.
  • The Totally Rad Show: Brechted – and more Comic Con!: Yes, this is my second mention of TRS in this post, but c’mon! What’s not to love about three rad dudes who are forced to review the latest in games and movies too? I discovered The Totally Rad Show this past winter and burned through all of their episodes during my trips back and forth between home and TiVo headquarters. The three hosts (Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg, and Jeff Cannata) offer informed opinions on everything from the latest movies to the classic board game “Fireball Island”. This week’s episode includes the fan Q & A from Comic Con where they once again discuss how they actually met while playing “Dungeons and Dragons”…and how even then they talked over each other. Consider it essential viewing for informed opinions on the latest in everything pop culture…and to watch Dan continue in his quest to become a man. BONUS: Each and every episode begins with a recreation of a “famous” scene.

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