Best of TiVo Video Downloads, August 25

(Here’s another Top 5 list from John T.! –Stephen)

With the Olympics sadly coming to a close, its time for the real games to begin! This week my focus turns sharply from Beijing, China to Denver, Colorado and the Democratic National Convention. So take off your sports fan hat and fasten on your citizen helmet! Lots of our channels will be covering the convention this week including: Barely Political, Epic Fu, and Veracifier. So don’t forget to supplement your network coverage with reports (and spoofs!) from the convention floor. That’s this week, but let’s takes a look back at my favorites from last week.

  1. Scam School: Clever Match Scores Two Free Drinks. While sitting in a restaurant recently, a member of my party looked over the wine list and ended up ordering a “Conundrum,” which immediately sparked a fifteen minute discussion of the best riddles, puzzles, and tricks… We were amateurs compared to the crew at Scam School. It’s a weekly show that demonstrates the best in free drink-getting bar tricks. After watching the match trick in this week’s episode, I’m still not sure I could pull it off, but I’m eager for others to try.
  2. Best of Break 74. Speaking of bar tricks, this week’s included some guys attempting to take a flaming shot…which is listed in the dictionary under “terrible ideas” right next to “anything following the sentence, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?'” As with all videos, the best-laid plans lead to the most hilarious of consequences.
  3. Internet Superstar: Daisy Whitney. Internet video hit a bit of a crossroads this past week, as Internet Superstar had New Media expert and critic Daisy Whitney in the shack. Daisy’s a writer for TV Week who’s got a show of her own called “The New Media Minute,” and she’s made no secret about being a huge fan of Internet Superstar (and of its host, Martin Sargent). It’s nice to see old media fawning over new media for once.
  4. CNET: Back to School Gear. Although I don’t always include CNET in my Top 5, it’s easily one of my favorite shows each and every week. They’ve implemented a couple of changes (based on feedback from TiVo users) that are worth highlighting. Not only is Molly trying to talk about the prices of the products they’re reviewing each week, but the team is also constantly soliciting feedback from the TiVo viewers by including an email address each week ( It’s so great to see viewers getting the chance to interact with their favorite shows, especially when it helps a great show get even better.
  5. The Gourmet Channel: The Technique: Sweet Dough. Finally this week, I was really interested to watch The Technique‘s version of a sweet dough. I really loved how Richard Bertinet took the time to explain more than just the recipe for making sweet dough. I often feel that I’m missing something in the translation from television cooking show to my home kitchen, so it’s nice to get an even more in-depth lesson on food creation.

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