Glasses? I still don’t need them… for now

I’ll catch up when I can about Sophie’s and Sammy’s birthday parties, the robbery we experienced last week, and a few other things. But today I went to get a vision test. We had a health care fair at work last week, and the people from our vision plan gave me a tiny screwdriver and told me to have my eyes checked. The last time I’d had a vision test was more than seven years ago, and I was feeling like maybe some of my headaches might be related to my eyesight. So today was the day for my vision test.

Last time I’d had a checkup, my left eye was 20/15 and my right eye was 20/25. Now things are a little worse: 20/20 in my left eye, and 20/30 in my right eye. But that’s not bad — no need for glasses or contacts or laser surgery yet.

When they were doing tests, the puff test (which I believe tests for glaucoma) stung my right eye so much that it watered the rest of the test. Then my eyes got so dilated during the last portion of the test I couldn’t read anything at all for hours and hours.

I feel like most of my co-workers and friends wear glasses. But the National Eye Institute data says that among adults 40-49, only 36% are nearsighted and 3% are farsighted (with a few more percent suffering from more serious impairments to visual acuity). So that suggests that most of the people my age still don’t need glasses.

It’s a myth, by the way, that “20/20 vision” is perfect vision. In fact, among teenagers, 20/15 vision is far more common (per this study). I couldn’t find good statistical information about adults and whether 20/20 is more common than 20/15 at age 40. I suspect I’m doing about average, though.

Man, I hate the idea of wearing glasses. And I hate the idea of contacts even worse. I’d rather spring for surgery and let them peel off layers of my eyeball. (I loved watching them do the surgery on Kimi’s eyes back when she got it done a few years ago — it really worked for her, she went from worse than 20/40 to better than 20/15.)

So, how about you? Glasses? Contacts? LASIK?

8 Responses to “Glasses? I still don’t need them… for now”

  1. Georgia Says:

    Robbery!!!!!!! I’m guessing everyone is ok, but sheesh, how scary!

  2. Stephen Says:

    Heh, yup. I’d better write about that, huh?

  3. Dave Zatz Says:

    I wear glasses when I watch movies and play video games. People ask why I don’t wear them when I drive – well I can surely see cars, I just may not be able to read street signs as quick as others. Fortunately, I have a GPS (or two) and I often know where I’m driving. I tried contacts a few times – too much trouble and felt uncomfortable. Lasik scares me. So I’ll just have imperfect vision most of the time. (And I sit really close to my laptop.)

  4. Stephen Says:

    Now I’m picturing Dave Z. sitting three inches from his laptop, squinting.

  5. Tomi Says:

    Every year, for the past three years, I have not been considered a good candidate for surgery. I purchased a pair of rimless glasses, but with two kids I am constantly having to tighten and fix them! So much for finding a compromise. Because of allergies, I can’t even think about contacts!! Glad you don’t have to wear glasses!

  6. Lacy Tree Says:

    Well, I have glasses and contacts. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. I’m thinking more and more about Lasik but haven’t gotten to the point where I would actually do it yet.
    I want to hear about the birthday parties and the robbery. Please. 🙂

  7. Phil Says:

    Any surgical procedure carries risks, and results may not always be what you hoped for. My advice, for what it’s worth, is to try glasses first, specially if you don’t need them all the time. Modern materials mean that glasses are now extremely light weight and comfortable to wear. Personally, and I’m not a doctor, my advise is to avoid surgery unless really necessary.

    A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with cataracts and advised to have intraocular lenses implanted along with the cataract removal procedure. I don’t know how the 20/20, 20/40 system works but my myopia was 5 diopters in one eye and 9 in the other – I now have only 0.5 in each eye and only need glasses, as my ophthalmologist says, “to see better”.

    Check out the AcrySof® ReSTOR® lens here:

    I know that the LASIK method has come a long way in recent years but its results can be unpredictable and like any surgery can’t be easily undone, if at all. IOLs are becoming more popular as an alternative to glasses even if you don’t have cataracts. They’re more expensive than LASIK treatment but the results are more predictable. Ask your eye doctor about them and good luck!

  8. Talk Hay Fever Says:

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