No more land line

I wrote earlier that we were on the fence about cutting the land line. Not any more.

After monitoring, the only calls we received were useless calls from surveys or businesses. We didn’t make any significant number of outgoing calls.

I never got a replacement answering machine, so if friends did call, it just rang and rang (confusing to them).

Now when they call, they get a referral to my cell phone, and after 30 days, that’ll go away too.

The last four digits of our land line used to be 8486, which spells out TiVo, and I enjoyed that it was an easy mnemonic. I do miss that part.

Everything else, I don’t miss.

We do still have a couple of phones connected that don’t require power, so in an emergency we can call 911. (I haven’t tested, but we may be able to call 800 numbers as well even without service.)

Ditched your land line lately? Plans to do so? If not, why are you keeping it? As far as I can tell, the main reasons to keep a land line now are:

  • You have a whole bunch of talkative people in your house who chat on the phone a lot and require unmetered local calls.
  • You don’t have any options for decent cell reception
  • You really need a working modem for some reason (Series1 TiVo?)

I’m happy to save $30+ a month.

5 Responses to “No more land line”

  1. slacy Says:

    I’ve got some reasons:

    – I hate Comcast, and don’t want to pay them for a Cable Modem, so I’m stuck with DSL, and I get that from Speakeasy (expensive compared to PacBell, but again, not supporting the reigning monopolies.)

    – I suck at charging my cell phone battery, and its often times dead, and I still need to make calls.

    – I like to ignore people (i.e. relatives). If they only have my land line number, then I know they won’t call me at work and leave messages, etc. Its a nice form of isolation.

    – I’m not sure I can give up YOU-LACY. Unfortunately, too few people know about that one, and its not really that cool anyway…

  2. Dave Zatz Says:

    We ditched our land line for good in 2005. However, I kept the number by porting it to my cell phone. The only real inconveniences are that we don’t have a shared home number and the cell phone only rings in one room. The shared number thing is OK since I don’t really want to talk to her friends or family anyway. 😉 (And dhe doesn’t read this blog as far as I know…) Running to another room to get the phone can be a pain. Another twist – for the last two years, both my “work phone” and “home phone” have been the same device and number. It’s simpler to carry, charge, and answer just one phone. I’m tethered all the time anyway and work/personal/blog all cross over in so many places that I may as well lighten my load.

    We had Vonage as “backup” for a year or two. Quality got progressive worse (and customer service was never good to begin with) which we dumped. Now my backup is Ooma – a few of my former Sling pals have landed there. Quality/service has been much more reliable than Vonage and I use it outbound solely and for those long work conference calls so I don’t burn minutes.

  3. Stephen Says:

    Slacy, how does hating Comcast and keeping DSL require you to also keep a land line? I’m pretty sure you can get DSL without a land line these days. Get a cell phone cradle for your cell phone and stick it in there when you get home; it’ll keep it charged and let you use it as a central phone. Use the caller ID feature and let your relatives’ calls go into voice mail. And cut the cord on YOU LACY or port it as Dave did. 🙂

    Dave, I’ve read about some of the home cell phone cradle solutions that can power multiple home handsets off a single cell phone. (Time to do some research.) I agree with you that it’s simpler to have one cell phone per adult. I never have tried or perceived a need for VoIP.

  4. Cait Says:

    Um, yes. Series1 Tivo. I actually HAVE a series 2, but haven’t ever connected it.

  5. Stuart Says:

    Switched to Lingo (it’s like vonage) a couple years ago. I work from home often and can tie up the phone line for hours. Lingo is $21/mnth for unlimited US calling, also I can fax thru it when needed.
    Seems a minor cost.

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