Lost, season 5 pilot — fire arrows how?

We just got around to finishing the two-part pilot episode. There is no show on television more gripping.

Without putting too big a spoiler out there in case you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a scene where some flaming arrows are fired at a crowd running on the beach. One part of that scene, I watched over and over. I have no idea how it was filmed. Clearly it wasn’t a special effect, because of the reactions of the runners, and the dynamic nature of the reflections/shadows from the fire. But clearly it couldn’t have been a practical effect, because these are dozens of arrows, on fire, being shot into a moving crowd. So as a practical stunt, it seems impossible to pull off without serious risk of injury.

So how did they do that?

I remember when any scene on TV involving a person on fire looked terribad because the flame retardant suit worn by the stunt person was about as thick as a beekeeper’s getup. Not these days. Technology’s relentless march has allowed us to realistically put people on fire on screen. THANK YOU SCIENCE.

[image of someone on fire from Lost, season 5, episode 2, from lost-media.com]

2 Responses to “Lost, season 5 pilot — fire arrows how?”

  1. Stuart Says:

    I remember when I was little watching Towering Inferno with my cousin. He said “wow, to think all these people sacrificed their lifes to make this movie”.
    Maybe the same kinda thing on Lost. They have spare extras.

  2. Stephen Says:

    We salute now these brave extras who gave their lives to bring as an hour of TV.

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