Natural vs. Unnatural

Things that are “natural”:

  • oranges
  • cyanide
  • sunsets
  • tornadoes

Things that are “unnatural”:

  • Agent Orange
  • twinkies
  • symphonies
  • waterboarding

2 Responses to “Natural vs. Unnatural”

  1. Lani Says:

    A friend of mine always corrects me when I refer to something one does as natural. She says that is an improper use of the word.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Well, I think many things people do are natural. “Naturally, after waiting three hours, I got hungry.” That seems perfectly reasonable to me.

    Mainly I wrote this up because people seem to use natural or unnatural in arguments as if it means something. “It’s not natural for people to ___.” “It is natural — animals even do ____.” But there are things found in nature that are both wonderful and terrible, and the same for unnatural things too. So I think it’s fairly useless to spend time worrying about whether or not a behavior is natural or not. It certainly shouldn’t sway anyone in an argument.

    I’ve witnessed Proposition 8 arguments rat-hole on whether or not homosexuality is “natural” or not. I think that’s absolutely irrelevant to the policy decision at hand.

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