Two Great Tastes (Generator)

Stuck for what to make for dinner? Looking to invent the next taste sensation? Try my new “two great tastes” generator!

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  1. slacy Says:

    Just a few comments:

    The 1-to-10 picker has weird formatting on Firefox and on my G1. I think each radiobutton needs to be in its own table cell or div with a between the button an the text, so that the text always appears below the button, not beside it.

    Oh, and I find the black background text box nice looking, but too large on my G1, especially in landscape mode. Maybe just use something like “padding 10px” to give it a nice border but not too much? Try to make it fit on one screen for mobile devices. 🙂

    You have an iPhone, right? How’s it look on that?

    Where’s the “top 10” and “bottom 10” lists? “Best single ingredient?” “Add ingredient?” etc. would be very fun.

  2. slacy Says:

    Oh, one more quick note: If the submit of the rating was AJAX, then you’d have better behavior of the Forward and Back browser navigation. If I rate a bunch of items, and then I want to go “back” where I came from, I have to travel back through your site N times, and the randomness shows a different menu item each time, which is odd. Doing the submit / refresh as AJAX would solve this.

    The other thing you could do to help would be to redirect from /menu to a unique URL per item (i.e. /menu&item=abc123def456) that would be an opaque identifier for the item (use mod_rewrite for this). That way, I can link to specific combos I want to promote, and the Fwd/Back behavior is at least a little nicer. 🙂

  3. Stephen Says:

    Thanks Slacy!

    The radiobuttons are all in their own data cells, with a span and input around ’em. I don’t see anything weird on Firefox on my laptop but I’ll borrow someone’s Mac and take a look. (Kevin suggested moving to a 1-5 scale, which might help.)

    Surprised it’s too big on the G1, I’ll have to borrow one of those too. I took out the forced height attribute.

    It looks fine on my iPhone although I was planning on making some tweaks when I have time.

    Top 10, bottom 10, best ingredient and add ingredient are all good ideas — just no time to implement ’em!

    I know nothing about AJAX and haven’t ever played around with mod_rewrite. It’d be nice to allow for a unique URL for each generated item but the script I wrote doesn’t support that. It shouldn’t be hard to use the URL as a parameter to pass to the random seed, though. Don’t know when I’d have time to do that.

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