Many more than three dimensions: Coraline

The first movie I’ve seen in the theater in 2009 is Coraline.

A vivid expansion of the 2002 Neil Gaiman book, genius drips off of every hand-crafted frame. If you liked A Nightmare Before Christmas or The Corpse Bride, the creepy stop-motion musicality of those films is propelled further by the 3-D, which is not used just for gratuitous look!-in-your-face!-a-trident! thrills here, but is instead used to enchant and vivify the pocket world of the film.

Dakota Fanning manages to make you forget it’s her talking. I knew it was John Hodgman playing the father going in but never recognized him once. Saunders and French are memorable, if brief, in appearance (but should have been given richer lines, I think).

The visual vocabulary is enthralling. I’m captivated by this film. The haunting choir soundtrack is a perfect match as well.

If I have a quibble, it’s the abbreviated nature and plaintive voices of the ghost children. Everything else is perfect. See this movie. I honestly can’t imagine many adults who wouldn’t like it. (But it’s not for young children.)

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