Most-played in 2008: “Trampoline” by Calamine

According to iTunes, the song I played most in 2008 was “Trampoline” by Calomine, which came as a bit of a surprise for me since it’s so obscure, but it’s just the kind of song that I like most:

  • low-key
  • catchy
  • both a male and female singer
  • nostalgic
  • a vivid narrative
  • evocative
  • shoe-gazing
  • jangly

It reminds me of two other songs that always catch my breath: “Dogs of L.A.” by Liz Phair and “You Picked Me” by A Fine Frenzy. I could write a dozen paragraphs on each one.

I don’t have many other songs by Calamine; I know they did the cover of the Sealab 2021 theme, and I’ve been meaning to pick up the rest of their stuff. I found this track when Roger played it one time at a Tuesday night poker game. (Thanks, Roger.)

Quick, check iTunes. What’s #1 most-played right now?

2 Responses to “Most-played in 2008: “Trampoline” by Calamine”

  1. Lani Says:

    How do I check?

  2. Stephen Says:

    Run iTunes, click the Music tab, right click in the tab headings and make sure there’s a checkmark next to “Play Count”. I reset mine back at the beginning of last year, so that’s how I knew what was most played in 2008.

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