I claim this bacon/tilde ASCII art in the name of Zeigen

Everyone is familiar with <3 representing a heart, and ~~~`~,~~<@ representing a rose, and \o being a wave hello, and @#!@$@#:-) being Carmen Miranda, but in my latest Gchat status update discussed today on FriendFeed, I believe I was first to suggest that the tilde (~) represents bacon.

Five seconds of Googling did not contradict me. Please, let me have this.

Enjoy some bacon:


11 Responses to “I claim this bacon/tilde ASCII art in the name of Zeigen”

  1. Stephen Says:

    If I were smart, I’d backdate this post to 2003.

  2. Rachel Fox Says:

    Agreed, but I think I’m the first the follow you with the new ASCII art for spam! [s]

  3. Stephen Says:

    I hereby grant to Rachel Fox all appropriate trademarks, copyrights, service marks, and pioneer credit for [s] as spam!

  4. slacy Says:

    Do Unicode characters count, or are we strictly 7-bit ASCII here?


  5. slacy Says:

    Argh! Showed up as a bunch of ?’s. Unicode to the anti-rescue!

  6. slacy Says:

    BTW, did you guys see the “~@~” in GMail chat thread?

  7. Davis Freeberg Says:

    If ~ represents bacon, then I claim ~~~~~~~~~~~~Xo(_ as a massive coronary heart attack.

  8. DaveZatz Says:

    Hm, so 6 strips of bacon gets you a rose?

  9. Stephen Says:

    Yes. Chop off the <@ and you're left with delicious bacon. Similarly, cut a heart <3 in half, and you're left with a look to the left <.

  10. Stephen Says:

    Slacy, I didn’t see that, what’s the ~@~ in Gmail?

  11. ASCII on steroids | ASCII pics + video | [creative] | GonzoCircus Says:

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