Why isn’t my entire music library available on my iPhone?

As I drove home from the dentist just now, a song came into my head. (I won’t say which song, it’s embarrassing.) I knew I had this song ripped from CD on my computer at home, in my iTunes library. Some days it might well have been synced to my iPhone’s music library, but not today.

I really wanted to hear the song. But instead I had to wait until I got home.

It occurred to me, though, that I should not have to wait. I should be able to access that song using my iPhone itself. Streamed. Instantly.

My computer is on 24/7 and connected to the Internet 24/7. The file size for the song is reasonable. My iPhone can handle music streams from various sources (Pandora, CBS, PBS, many others) and music downloads (from Apple via iTunes). So why isn’t my iPhone aware of my entire home music library, and able to let me browse for songs I want to remotely sync, and then download (or stream) those songs upon my whim and demand?

If you’re an iPhone app developer and want to make this reality, feel free. (Just give me credit and a free copy of your app if this post really was your inspiration.)

Or Apple (via my many Apple employee friends), you guys should run with it. Here, I’ll even name the feature for you: “iMusicLibrary.” You’re totally welcome.

6 Responses to “Why isn’t my entire music library available on my iPhone?”

  1. K Says:

    I read that the reason there’s no Slingbox app available for the iPhone yet is that Jobs is very protective of how much bandwidth any app uses. That’s the only reason I can think of that this doesn’t exist yet.

  2. Paul Westbrook Says:

    I think that this is in Apple’s plans. I imagine that they will enable this in MobileMe. Essentially this would be like their disk sharing, but instead it will enable iTunes sharing with among devices/computers logged into the same MobileMe account.


  3. timlmd Says:

    It is. Try Simplify, I’ve been using it since last August.


  4. DaveZatz Says:

    A few imperfect ways to do this… Orb and SugarSync are a pair of options in addition to Simplify.

    K, Orb has been approved for OTA. Joost works over WiFi. Skype is coming tomorrow plus Trufone and Fring (Skype) have been out for awhile. Jobs’ initial bandwidth intensive noise making has obviously died down.

  5. DaveZatz Says:

    Oh yeah, my last sentence should have been the iPhone SlingPlayer app was recently submitted to Apple for review. Who knows if WiFi-only will come out the other side, but it’ll arrive in one form or another.

  6. Stephen Says:

    Thanks all! I’m trying out Simplify first.

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