Update for April 1st

The Internet being what it is, and today being what it is, almost anything I type here is not likely to be read, and if it is read, it’s not likely to be believed.

So today is absolutely the best day to send out an uncomfortable truth, something that’s implausible but genuine, something that (in a passive aggressive way) causes change.

So, here goes:

  • Co-worker in a different building who wears sweaters even in warm weather: Your clothes stink. Wash them more.
  • Twitter users (including me): Unless you’re a celebrity, hardly anyone reads what you write and probably very few people care. Do more with less. Write to please yourself, not to please imaginary others — because the world is impossible to please.
  • Tech enthusiasts: (including me): We’re sheltered in such a profound way from the real world. People are losing their jobs and their life savings, or are living in wartime or hunger around the world, yet here we are enthusing about our latest gadgets and social media sites. We need to grow more perspective. Unless you work for a web 2.0 company or spend half your day using those sites already, you probably don’t care. That’s what, 0.001% of the world population?
  • Happy Birthday, Taff!
  • Bring back the “____ acquires” fake press releases. I liked those.
  • Upside-down YouTube is pretty funny and every video becomes more profound. I’d like it that way all year long.

I’m just kidding!

Or am I?

Yes I am!


April Fools!

For real?

Best to just shut down your computer and go for a nice walk.

3 Responses to “Update for April 1st”

  1. Georgia Says:


  2. DaveZatz Says:

    Honestly, I wish April Fools Day would just go away. It’s a horrible day to be a tech blog reader. And as blogger, people don’t visit ZNF for *creative* writing… Plus, under no circumstances would I want a fictional post to be misinterpreted as real news and spread around the net.

    Personal blogs are a different story, though. And YOU of all people are clever enough to pull it off well. Had you chosen to do so. (:

  3. Stephen Says:

    Hi Georgia!

    Thank you, Dave. But all my previous pranks have been way too transparent. It’s hard to get the balance right.

    I do feel for you — and I agree, it’s a very difficult day if you have actual news. You should probably just take the day off… On the other hand, Google announced gmail on 4/1 a few years back, which is the ultimate prank.

    I like that people are more skeptical today. (We should be this skeptical all year long, really.)

    I do enjoy some of the funnier pranks. NPR had me in stitches just now with All Things Considered. (Go to the All Things Considered home page and click on today’s show, then when the popup appears, scroll down on the right and click on the “Letters” segment.)

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