FriendFeed comment plugin installed

I’ve added Gürkan OLUÇ’s FriendFeed Comment plug-in, which should allow for any new posts I make here to have their FriendFeed comments and likes displayed as well.

UPDATE July 25th: I could never get that plug-in, or the one by Glenn Slaven, working with WordPress 2.8.x. Glenn confirmed he’s abandoned his plug-in, and Gürkan never replied to my inquiries. I’ve instead used the BackType plug-in, which seems to work great.

4 Responses to “FriendFeed comment plugin installed”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Testing… This comment should appear on FF.

  2. Stephen Says:

    *sigh* Total failure.

  3. Paul Westbrook Says:

    It seems to be working for me. There is a delay though before my comment appeared on FriendFeed. Maybe the Cache time setting also affects how often the comments get added to FriendFeed

  4. Stephen Says:

    Paul, are you running WordPress 2.8?

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