Music is an emotion stimulator, a direct hit to the central cortex, an upper, a downer, a smash to the thumb, a squeeze of the heart, a rage against the system of the dawn of the power to the LISTEN FEEL LIVE.

So often we share what we’re listening to with others, hoping that our unique combination of tastes — that special mix that only we could come up with — might possibly form a connection, that somewhere out there among the six billions souls there’s someone, someone who shares our thoughts, knows what we mean, knows how we feel, has the same emotional reaction to the guitars and words that are hitting us so hard right this second. “Oh my God,” that person says, “that’s exactly right, that’s exactly what I’m feeling, this is the greatest song in the world,” which it is, at that moment, at that place, for the way you both feel.

NOW PLAYING: “Paper Bag,” Fiona Apple.

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