This is NOT “doing the laundry”

Fellow men,

“Laundry” means sorting, folding, and putting away the clothes. Dumping the dirty stuff into the washer, moving it to the dryer — that’s all the easy part.

I have learned this the hard way and hope you profit from my downfall.

How about dem Bears?

Now, please excuse me because I need to go use some power tools.

Your bro,

P.S. In other news, “doing the dishes” apparently means doing more than just piling the dirty dishes in the sink. I’m still investigating this one.

One Response to “This is NOT “doing the laundry””

  1. slacy Says:

    This reminds me *so* much of college. You know, when you think you’re just doing your laundry, and when you come back to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer, you find that they’ve been taken out of the washer, all the machines are now occupied, and you’ve got this pile of wet clothes sitting on top of some random machine. If you’re even luciker, there will be a nice note about how they “waited 10 minutes after the laundry was done and you still didn’t return”.

    Oh, by the way, I usually just take that pile out of the dryer and leave it on the bedroom floor and pick my “clean” clothes from there. So, I’m guilty too.

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