The actual real genuine reason you don’t have a Google Wave invite yet

A sad waveAmong certain circles, the main topic of conversation for the last few days relates to invitations to try out the new Google Wave service. On eBay, invitations can be had for the low low price of $100. Enthusiasts say it’ll be bigger than gmail. Some reviews call it a bit overwhelming. Detractors say it’s overhyped.

Right now about 100,000 invitations have been sent out to early adopters. And in turn each of those 100,000 users have been given 8 more invitations, but those ones are not yet distributed. Speculation — and gnashing of teeth — abounds as to why those invitations haven’t arrived yet.

But I have my own suspicions. Here is my understanding of why you (yes, you) haven’t received your Google Wave invite yet.

  1. You didn’t respond to Google’s last invite to you, Google Rave.
  2. You’re doomed to repeat today over and over until you learn how to truly love and be worthy of being loved. Only then will you receive your Wave invite.
  3. You aren’t worthy. You smell. You dress funny. You think strange thoughts.
  4. You don’t type fast enough. 130 wpm, minimum. With 99% accuracy.
  5. Your invitation was sent to Evite by accident. Yes. No. Maybe. Tragically, no one ever reads Evite invitations anymore.
  6. You don’t read item 6 in list posts.
  7. You are unable to describe Google Wave using actual words. In your defense, “Unfortunately, no one can be told what Google Wave is. You have to link in an 8 minute YouTube video.”

Did I forget any?

10 Responses to “The actual real genuine reason you don’t have a Google Wave invite yet”

  1. Dario Says:

    Wow I’m out of it. What is google wave?

  2. Louis Gray Says:

    How did I get lumped in the “detractors” camp? I think it’s great. It’s just very easy to get hit by a ton of activity. I thought I was pretty fair in my review, but others’ negativity swooped me in to it with the wave of feedback. (See what I did there?)

  3. Stephen Says:

    Dario, unfortunately, no one can be told what Google Wave is. Follow the links!

  4. Stephen Says:

    Louis, sorry! My takeaway from your post was that overall it was “just one more place” you had to check, and that you didn’t see a compelling use case outside of co-workers.

    I’ve modified the post, and you’re now in-between the enthusiasts and detractors. Better?

  5. Louis Gray Says:

    Sweet. And no, not picking on you, but elsewhere I got bucketized. That said, for some reason, the post has been gangbusters. As much traffic (as if that matters) to the site in the last two days as in all of last month! Boom.

  6. Russell Says:

    LOL, that was funny.

  7. DaveZatz Says:

    I still don’t get exactly what it is or why I’d want it. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for my follow-on invite to be processed from that initial batch of 100k users.

    And what’s this Backtype thing? You been using it for long, notice any weirdness? I’ve been looking for twitter, friendfeed, facebook trackbacks without having to entirely replace WordPress commenting with Disqus or IntenseDebate.

  8. Stephen Says:

    Dave, BackType works really well, no major complaints. A few of my posts had comments on FriendFeed that never got reflected here, but other than that, very happy with it.

  9. unlimited Says:

    Hi there, anyone got a spare invite? Please share! 😉

  10. Stephen Says:

    Sorry unlimited, they haven’t given me any invites yet.

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