Scary driving

Some mornings I get caught behind someone driving 35 mph on the freeway in the far right lane. When I pass that person, they look terrified — hunched forward, gripping the top of the steering wheel. Each car that zooms up behind them and passes scares them more.

But they’d be far less terrified if they sped up and used the next lane over — that way, they would avoid all the people merging onto and off the freeway.

Of course, there’s no chance they’re going to read this and change their habits. But the solution is easy to see, from the outside.

There’s some kind of life lesson trapped in there, somewhere.

One Response to “Scary driving”

  1. slacy Says:

    You know, what scares me more (and I see it surprisingly frequently) is people screeching around our neighborhood at breakneck speed. There was a woman driving up View St. the other day that was accellerating and breaking so hard that she squealed her tires with *every* start & stop.

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