Home for a sweet and smart cat (EDIT: no longer) needed

Update: Our neighbor has adopted Stormy, which is the best solution I can imagine. Thanks Tony! Original post continues below.

Two Fridays ago I took Sammy in for an appointment with an allergist. His eczema was really bad and he was waking up frequently with itch attacks. We knew about his nut, peanut and salmon allergies (which I share), but wanted to find out what else was causing him trouble. He was very brave during the scratch test, which I’m sure was uncomfortable for him.

The results surprised me: Strong reactions to wheat, rice, corn, sesame, shrimp, cats, grass, and one of the tree groups.

On the doctor’s advice, we started an elimination diet, and for 11 days Sammy focused on avoiding the foods on the list, which meant he ate a lot of meat and potatoes and vegetables but not a lot of starch. (Breakfast was the hardest.)

Thing was, he was still breaking out. Kimi took him in today for a follow-up test, and the allergist suggested his reaction to these foods was mild. She suggested the most likely cause for his eczema flare-ups and midnight itch attacks was the cat.

Stormy is 9 years old and a beloved part of the family. But if it’s her or Sammy, there’s no choice. She has to go.

She’s soft, clean, sweet and patient, affectionate but independent, and (in my opinion) very beautiful. She loves being an indoor-outdoor cat but could probably adjust to one or the other. She used to have a brother, Mourny, who she would fight with a bit, so she’s probably happiest as a single cat. She’s also a bit of a genius: When she wants to come in, she rings the doorbell. (Video to follow.)

It breaks my heart to kick her out, but maybe we can find a home for her nearby. Anyone want a doorbell-ringing cat?

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4 Responses to “Home for a sweet and smart cat (EDIT: no longer) needed”

  1. Elsa Says:

    When I was young, I would get seasonal allergies, hay fever. One year my allergies was really bad and I went to get tested for allergens like Sammy. I tested positive for cat and dog, grasses and juniper.This amazed me because I have had pets all my life and never had a problem. They also told me to get rid of my cat. What ended up happening was the cat who is indoor/outdoor was bringing in a mold on his coat that I was highly allergic to. Aggressive cleaning of the house, the cat along with allergen injections helped me get this under control. I use Earth Bath shampoo for the cat. You can get it at Petsmart. The Aloe and Oatmeal seemed to clean up the cat well. Note they often label shampoos as cat or dog but really that is marketing to over charge cat owners. I hope you find a solution.

  2. Nicole Says:

    I so wish I had the room to take her! But with 3 cats, a tank full of fish and a snake there’s just no more room. 🙁

  3. Stephen Says:

    Elsa, that’s very interesting. We can certainly give that a try. Stormy hates baths though! 🙂

  4. Lacy Tree Says:

    Oh no…poor Stormy and Sammy…I hope you find a home for her nearby. It would be horrible to get rid of her and it turns out not to be her causing his skin issues. Doctors aren’t always right even though they think that they are 🙂

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