Ironee, an ironeek proposal

Whereas, there is widespread debate about the definition of irony;

Whereas, there are at least three entirely separate types of irony;

Whereas, much time has been wasted and will continue to be wasted debating what constitutes irony; and,

Whereas, the Alanis song is still awesome even if some of the examples aren’t really very ironic;

Therefore be it resolved, that the world begin using the neologism “ironee” to incorporate all types of irony PLUS all of the things that people call irony but purists reject. Furthermore, let one additional properly of ironee be that if someone calls something ironeek, it automatically becomes ironeek if anyone debates them on whether or not it’s an example of ironee.

Here, I have a useful illustration of ironee for you:

[illustration of what is and isn't ironee, incorporating three types of irony plus several concepts not properly considered irony]

All in favor?

Passed unanimously. Proceed!

One Response to “Ironee, an ironeek proposal”

  1. Rob Mack Says:

    I like how you put the intellectual smack down on some random guy in the BP picture thread.
    I think you should spend more time doing that, and then posting about it here for my amusement.

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