Happy 5, Sammy

Dear Sammy,

Today you turn five. I can’t believe those words are true: It seems impossibly fast. As I type this, you’re building “a machine to blow out dust” using your new Tinkertoys, and you were thoughtful enough to make sure that we didn’t get dust on my phone. Earlier today, as we spent the day together with you home sick from school, you surprised me with your wide range of knowledge and interests, from Mickey Mouse to bugs to stars to sushi. You always make me proud.
Love eternally,
Your dad


2 Responses to “Happy 5, Sammy”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Happy Birthday Sammy.

  2. Tomi Says:

    You’re the best dad, Stephen. Sammy will read this one day and know how much you love him. Fallon cannot stop bouncing around me…he wants Spiderman to visit! Have a wonderful day tomorrow, Sammy!!!

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