Happy Seventh Birthday, Sophie


Yesterday you turned seven, and each year you are sweeter and more caring. You’ve blossomed in first grade. I have to confess, I was a bit worried about your reading. Unlike your brother, you didn’t seem as interested in learning how to read on your own. I think you enjoyed having me or Sammy read to you a bit too much to drum up the enthusiasm to learn the rules on your own. Until first grade, that is. Thanks in part to your teacher, Mrs. Payne, and to your friends, you found the enthusiasm and focus to really learn. Now in second grade, reading is easy to you. Instead, I see you applying that same energy to learning math. I have no doubt that in a few months’ time, what seems hard to you now will be quite simple. It’s been the same way for swimming these last few months.

You have always been advanced for your age in the social arena. You are warm, friendly, loving, caring. You feel everything so strongly — whether it’s fear or joy. And such an easy-going girl; it’s no wonder you make friends so easily.

I also love how much you love music. Dancing with you is one of my favorite things in life. My love for you grows endlessly each year. I am overjoyed to watch you bloom in front of me. I can’t wait to see how your world grows next.

Much love,

Sophie in 2007, being born


Sophie in 2008, crawling around at her uncle Robert's house


Sophie in 2009, in her old room in Mountain View


Sophie in 2010, at a TiVo summer company party


Sophie in 2011, at her pre-school


Sophie in 2012, at the Mountain View Farmer's Market


Sophie in 2013, holding a bead Shannon made


Sophie in 2014, at the Mountain View Farmer's Market again


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  1. Barbara Says:

    Happy Birthday Sophie hope you had a great day

    Stephen, picture are adorable

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