MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Fans Leave the Best Reviews for Wilton’s Edible Silver Mist [Nerdist]

“It’s not enough for Immortan Joe’s War Boys to make a historic splash into Valhalla. Do heroics even matter if they’re not shiny and chrome? That’s a question for the ages, to be sure. The way the War Boys sprayed silver paint over their mouths and noses is one of the many eye-catching and memorable parts in Mad Max: Fury Road and something we’re bound to see replicated at conventions throughout the summer. Cosplayers don’t have to turn to toxic substances either, because food coloring spray maker Wilton has an edible spray-on silver mist, and the War Boys are already leaving reviews on Amazon. (Also, spoiler: Amazon still exists in the wasteland and the War Boys have access.) The hilarity started on the product page for Wilton’s Silver Color Mist on May 20 with this review from W. Bartels: “WITNESS ME! I WILL FEAST IN VALHALLA FOR I AM SHINY.” Because the Internet can be awesome, more reviews started pouring in.”

Source: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Fans Leave the Best Reviews for Wilton’s Edible Silver Mist | Nerdist

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is one of the most captivating movies I’ve seen in a long, long time — and I believe it’s the only movie that I’ve seen in the theater more than once for this entire millennium so far.

Despite being an action car chase movie with precious little dialogue, the world-building is deft. In particular, the practice of the war boys spraying up their grill (so to speak) in order to more proudly drive into Valhalla while shiny and chrome — that’s something immediately both understandable and bat crazy bizarre. Like the entire movie.

Thus the product being “reviewed” here on Amazon. WHAT A SPRAY.

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