Why fear of taking in Syrian refugees is misplaced

1. The existing process takes 18-24 months. Four security agencies vet each applicant. See the infographic for details. (Source)
2. So far no refugee has ever committed an act of terrorism. “In the 14 years since September 11, 2001, the United States has resettled 784,000 refugees from around the world, according to data from the Migration Policy Institute, a D.C. think tank. And within that population, three people have been arrested for activities related to terrorism. None of them were close to executing an attack inside the U.S., and two of the men were caught trying to leave the country to join terrorist groups overseas.” (Source)
3. By refusing to take in Syrian refugees, we are doing EXACTLY what ISIS wants. The PURPOSE of the French attacks is explicitly to make the West fear Muslims, so that we drive them out of our countries, setting up an apocalyptic war. The fear reaction that we’re seeing is SPECIFICALLY what ISIS is trying to create. The reason it’s called “terrorism” is it aims to spread terror. When we live in terror, we have lost to terrorism. (Source)
4. We are limited to a total of 10,000 refugees from Syria this year. The vast majority are women and children. (Source)
I cannot think of a time I have ever been so ashamed to be an American as I have over the past two weeks, after seeing so many governors and mayors and presidential candidates give in to fear, paranoia, racism, xenophobia, and defeat.
Now is the time for us to be brave, to help, to rescue — to open our borders, not shut down in fear. If we do pass the outrageous house bill, we have lost. Lost our hearts, lost our minds, lost our courage, lost our humanity, lost to ISIS.

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