About this blog

“Zeigen” is a German word that means “to show or present.”

“Zeigen” is also the pen-name of E. Stephen Mack, 44, who lives in Sunnyvale, CA. Since March of 1999, Stephen has worked for TiVo Inc. and he is currently employed as Director of Operations.

Stephen’s hobbies include games (board, video, card, and especially poker), TV shows, alternative music, linguistics, short story writing, humor, sushi, the Internet, the Web, computing, Burning Man, and skepticism.

Stephen is the co-author of HTML 4.0: No Experience Required from Sybex, and has been a technical editor on a number of computer books. He graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in linguistics and has previously worked as a web designer, software release manager for SGI, and a corporate trainer.

Stephen and Kimi have a son, Sammy (or more formally Edwin Samuel Mack), born September 16, 2005. They also have a daughter, Sophie (or more formally Sophia Karen Mack), born September 23, 2007. Kimi and Stephen met at the Burning Man festival in 2001, were engaged in February of 2004, and married in April of 2005. They separated in August of 2011.

The blog, Zeigen, is mainly concerned with the day-to-day life of Stephen, Sammy, and Sophie, and their friends and relatives. You’ll also find talk about TiVo Inc., television, music, movies, Bay Area restaurants, blogging, technology, skepticism, and current events. And all kinds of miscellaneous other stuff.

If you would like to read this blog from the beginning, you can start with the first entry.

Stephen also writes another blog about Windows keyboard shortcuts (currently on hold), and used to contribute to BayDad.

Visit zeigen.com for more information, or the Mack Family Shutterfly site for pictures.

You can follow Stephen on FriendFeed, Twitter, or Facebook. You can contact him at estephen “at” zeigen.com (but it’s not okay to sign him up for mailing lists or send spam).

Stephen’s ancient (and no longer updated) “Zeigen’s Dilemma” personal web site was created in 1995.