18 thoughts on “Ctrl+Home: Go to the beginning of the document”

  1. I definitely will be following this blog as I teach blind people to use computers. I have a few of my students who can beat a mouse user any time. Always ready to forget that mouse more and more.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Belgatom!

    Andrew, thanks — I have a master document of some 300 shortcuts that I’ll be putting out here one by one. Ctrl-End is one of those. :)

  3. Hey Bill, yup, that’s how the Tab key works in Microsoft Internet Explorer as well as Firefox. I’ll be adding more browser shortcut keystrokes over the next few months. But while I’m here — try using the Space bar to move down a screen when reading a page of text in a browser.

  4. Okay, these are the some of the simplest, most common shortcuts. I have two questions: What about Ctrl+Space+X (Maximize window) and how about a list of common BIOS setup keys (F2, Del, Esc)? Do you only use Windows? I’ve used Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and just bought a Mac. If you do use other operating systems, please also add those shortcuts! :)

  5. Hi Andrew, things are starting simple but we’ll build from here. (Gotta walk before we can run.)

    I have used several different Mac OSes as well as Linux, but currently I only use Windows PCs so I only plan on posting Windows keyboard shortcuts here (as the blog title implies). Partly that’s to simplify testing.

    Alt+Space Bar, X is a great tip which will be included in the future.

    I hadn’t planned on covering the BIOS setup keys, but I think that’s a good suggestion and will add them in the future.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  6. nice blog you have here……….i was waiting for something like that……..i kind of hate mouse:p…………..maybe you should give one simple shortcut in one day and some not so common at next day, otherwise good keyboard users have to wait a long time after some new shortcut comes.
    keep up the good work!

  7. db and Eric, thanks for the kind words.

    db, I’ll try to put in some advanced tips here and there. I was working on one for today but the trouble I ran into was I ended up having to explain too many basic keystrokes that I hadn’t covered yet. So for the first few weeks here, most of the tips will be fairly basic. Sorry!

  8. Hey wat happened to this forum..last 5 years -no post !!!! .keep this forum active..want to know more & more KB shortcuts…Please…

  9. Wasn’t the original problem the fact that ctrl-home isn’t working? home, end, ctrl-end all work correctly, but ctrl-home suddenly stopped working… need help, I do alot of text editing…
    ODDLY ctrl-shift-home works, but ctrl-home doesn’t… this is stupid =\

    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, and I’ll keep an eye here as long as I can…

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