Ctrl+S: Save

Most applications let you press Ctrl+S to save the current document.

If you have previously saved the document (or had opened an existing document), then Ctrl+S uses the same filename as before. No news is good news — if you don’t get an error message, you can assume your save worked fine.

If you haven’t saved the document yet, you will be prompted for a filename automatically. Type in the filename and press Enter.

Ctrl+S is the equivalent to clicking on the File menu and then clicking on the Save command. Note that most programs will show you the Ctrl+S shortcut next to that Save menu command (see image below). Use those visual cues!

[Image: Notepad application with File menu open, showing the Save command with the listed keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+S]

5 thoughts on “Ctrl+S: Save”

  1. In Outlook Alt+S, will send your e-mail message. I use this, coupled with the mail key built into the keyboard at work, to send phone messages without ever touching the mouse. Mail key brings up Outlook (Alt+Tab could be used, but the mail button is qucker if you have one), Ctrl+N starts a new e-mail, three letter initials of recipent pulls up the correct email address (it’s a small company so this works), tab to subject line, type it in, tab again to get to the body, type it all, Alt+S sends the e-mail.

  2. I was not prompted for a file name after Ctl S for a previously unsaved document.
    Is the file likely to be saved any where as I closed it.

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