Ctrl+Up Arrow, Ctrl+Down Arrow: Move by Paragraph

When editing a text document, try using Ctrl+Up Arrow to move to the beginning of the previous paragraph, or Ctrl+Down Arrow to move to the beginning of the next paragraph.

3 thoughts on “Ctrl+Up Arrow, Ctrl+Down Arrow: Move by Paragraph”

  1. Which application? This works in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and many other programs. It has a similar function in Microsoft Excel.  It doesn’t work in Notepad or Microsoft Outlook. (It’s up to each application if they respect a shortcut or not.)

    This brings up a good point about consistency — I wish keyboard shortcuts were always universal, but sadly they are not.

  2. For MS-Word, version 11.5.0, the results of Ctrl+Down Arrow are inconsistent. I always have “Show paragraph marks” ON so I can see where a real paragraph ends. But in several cases that I can’t explain, the Ctrl+Down Arrow, sometimes skips many paragraphs down.

    Are all Paragraph-marks created equal?

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