Windows key+D: Show Desktop

We covered the Windows key previously. If you hold that key down and then press the “d” key, you’ll see the desktop. Press Windows+D again and your application windows will reappear.

Note: Some people like the Windows+M shortcut, which minimizes all applications. Windows+D and Windows+M are very similar, but I prefer Windows+D because it’s a toggle and because not every application can be minimized. So Windows+D is just a little bit more generally useful.

15 thoughts on “Windows key+D: Show Desktop”

    1. Note sure, what are talking, but as I know with CTLR + D can do both toggle in and toggle out, where CTLR + M is a one time action it minimizes all windows even dual or triple monitors

  1. I think Cadoo means “Windows key” instead of control there.

    We’ll cover Ctrl+D and Ctrl+M in future tips, since they have different meanings in different programs.

  2. We covered Ctrl+W: Close Window on June 18th:

    We covered Ctrl+D: Bookmark on March 30th:

    Ctrl+D can also mean Insert Duplicate Slide in PowerPoint:

    Ctrl+D can also mean Fill Down in Excel:

    Ctrl+M can mean the same thing as pressing the Enter key in some apps, such as Notepad.

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