Ctrl+= and Ctrl+Dash: Increase and decrease font size in Firefox and Thunderbird

Following last week’s general browser tips, here’s one that works for Firefox and Thunderbird.

  • Ctrl+=: Increase font size
  • Ctrl+Dash: Decrease font size

Press Ctrl+= (that is, the Ctrl key held down, and then the = key) and the font size on the current page or e-mail will increase.

(A lot of people write this tip as Ctrl+Plus, because the mnemonic of the + key increasing the font size is easy to remember, but you don’t need the Shift key in there.)

Ctrl+Dash (that is, the – key, or minus — the key right next to the = key) will reduce the font size.

Each time you press the key, the font gets bigger or smaller. When you want to go back to normal, press Ctrl+0. (Thanks to Steve in the comments for that last one.)
(This is a little hard to write, given the terminology I’m using. I should refer to “Control with the Plus key” as Ctrl++ and “Control with the Dash key” as Ctrl+- but that looks really weird. Sorry if today’s tip is confusing!)

6 thoughts on “Ctrl+= and Ctrl+Dash: Increase and decrease font size in Firefox and Thunderbird”

  1. I hit ctrl shift + and it made my screen big,, I have tried to hit ctrl shift – but it won’t go back to normal screen any help would be greatly appreciated.

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