Ctrl+W: Close Window

In a lot of applications, Ctrl+W will close the current window (and in the case of an application like Microsoft Word, prompt you to save the current document if it hasn’t been saved already).

Let’s see an example and put together some of the Firefox tips from this week. Suppose you’re reading a Web page and suddenly need to check a different site (for example, you’re browsing a vacation site and want to check the weather). Press Ctrl+T to open a new tab, type in the site name such as “weatherunderground,” press Ctrl+Enter to complete the URL name and load the page, find the information you need, then press Ctrl+W to close the new tab.

11 thoughts on “Ctrl+W: Close Window”

  1. I’d like to note that Ctrl+W works in programs like Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Firefox, X-Chat, VirtualDub.

    And it doesn’t work in programs like Notepad, Wordpad, Paint, Calculator, Command Prompt, …

  2. Actually, ctrl-w will not close the window of an email you are reading in outlook. It’s terribly annoying. You have to hit Alt-F4 (how very easy to type … not) and be careful because if you hit it when the desktop is active, it’ll ask if you want to shut down the computer :(

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