Alt+Prnt Scrn: Copy Screenshot of Current Window to Clipboard

Most people know that if you press the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard (which may be labelled “Prnt Scrn”) you’ll capture a screenshot of everything on your screen.

However, you may not know that if you press Alt+Prnt Scrn, you get a copy of only the currently selected window. You won’t get the taskbar or any other windows on your display. Then you can run a program (such as Microsoft Word or the Paint application included with Windows) and press Ctrl+V to paste in the screen shot.

6 thoughts on “Alt+Prnt Scrn: Copy Screenshot of Current Window to Clipboard”

  1. i dont have print screen on my keyboard !! can u hellp me and tell me how i can use print screen without the button ? like using ctrl + something ?? i really need this buton !!!!!!!!!

  2. This totally does NOT work for me. If I click my function key to print screen, it takes me right to the printer preview screen and my only option is to select the printer. I try opening a blank document in photoshop CS4 and pasting (Ctrl-V) and it comes up blank. Erg. So frustrating as every page I’ve gone to have these very same instructions, and the snip tool that comes with Vista sucks, as I can’t capture open menus like I need to. HELP!?!

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