Fn+F2: Disable wireless

Not every laptop uses this keystroke, but most seem to.

If you’re on a plane or in a hospital, you should disable your wireless receiver. Or suppose you’re riding in a train or car and you know there’s no wireless signal, you’ll increase your battery performance if you disable the wireless receiver.

Hit Fn+F2 and it’ll toggle wireless on and off. (Practice it a few times so you can recognize how the icons in the system tray appear, so you’ll know to switch it back on if you ever disable it by accident.)

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  1. Can you please tell me how to emulate in any way Fn+F2 when I am using an external keyboard? my laptop keyboard is broken and I am using an external USB keyboard :(

    please send me an e-mail if you know the answer …

  2. I’m sorry to say, Costin, that I know of no way to emulate this using an external keyboard.

    What type of laptop do you have? There is quite possibly an application supplied by your vendor which can easily disable wireless. For example, on my Dell laptop, there’s a system tray icon for their wireless manager; I can right click on it (with a mouse, horrors!) to get a shortcut menu for wireless options that includes disabling wireless.

    Another choice is to use the Network control panel:
    Ctrl+Esc to open the Start Menu
    S for Settings
    N for Network Connections
    Up Arrow to highlight the Wireless connection
    Shift+F10 for the shortcut menu
    B for Disable

  3. Sorry, that isn’t a Windows shortcut; it’s a Dell (and Gateway and others) shortcut. On other brands it does nothing. Fujitsu laptops have an actual sliding switch for the WLAN on most models.

  4. Good point, thanks. As I said at the top, “Not every laptop uses this keystroke, but most seem to” — I’d guess about 80% of the laptops I’ve seen have support for it.

  5. There is a way to recreate this on your PC. This is by using a vbs script to send keys using the send key command you could then create a shortcut to this on the desktop im sure this could be effective. Hoiwever i am not sure if VBS supports the F keys instead i could consider using NirCmd command line interprator tool with the send key command whic supports the send key cammand and gives the option of holding a key down for a predetermined amount of time. For example here is a working script that you need to save and whatever.bat make sure you use the .bat standing for batch file

    @echo off
    nircmd send key ctrl down
    nircmd send key f2 press
    nircmd send key ctrl up

    Also you could add a wait and a messagebox like this.

    @echo off
    nircmd send key ctrl down
    nircmd send key f2 press
    nircmd send key ctrl up
    msg * Wireless hardware status changed

    You will need the command line tool downloaded here:

    (There is a link at the bottom)

    And the command list here:

    Hope this helps

  6. i have an advent laptop and the wireless button seems to be disabled. i have tryed the above tips but have not been able to activate it

    please help,

  7. Does anyone know how to disable the F2 button? (the opposite of what this guy is asking?) I use the #2 often working on my laptop, and I keep turning off my internet by accident since the F2 button is right above the Number 2. Is there anyway to deactivate the button?

  8. hi. im using acer aspire windows 7. its been a week that i cant access any wifi signal. ive tried FNF2 but it doesnt work :( please helpppp

  9. my short cut keys like fn and f2 for brightness and all above are not working after formating..wondering if i have to find a software and install or to get to setting to fix that..please help me out..

  10. i am using samsung notebook.i want to use wi-fi but there is no sign of signals on taskbar..is there any solution?????

  11. hi am using samsung laptop and i can view any wifi signal…. on trouble shootin the problem is wifi capability is turned off… now all keypads are not working. anyone with an idea on how i can solve this using command prompt… am using win 7 ultimate

  12. Just a heads up that some newer models of the Dell Latitude series no longer utilize the FN + F2 functionality to turn wi-fi off and on.

    The correct shortcut keys to use are: windows key + x
    which will allow you to access your windows mobility center. From there, you will see a box that says turn on wifi, click it and you are good to go.

    I know several people may not know this shortcut, it does work on the older model latitudes, but the newer versions (6600 series) it does not.

    Hope this helps someone.


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