Ctrl+[, Ctrl+]: Increase, decrease font size in Word, Outlook & PowerPoint

If you have selected text and want to change its point size, you can easily do so with a simple keystroke: Ctrl+[ (the square bracket key next to the letter P on most keyboards) will lower the selected text by 1 point. Tap it a few times to see the effect. Similarly, Ctrl+] increases the text size.

You can also use Ctrl+< and Ctrl+> — but while that may be easier to remember, you have to use the Shift key, so I prefer the square brackets. Also, that keystroke doesn’t work in Outlook.

(If you need to, you can review how to select text with the keyboard.)

Excel doesn’t allow any of these keystrokes. Excel is a bit of a fuddy-duddy that way, refusing to play along.

12 thoughts on “Ctrl+[, Ctrl+]: Increase, decrease font size in Word, Outlook & PowerPoint”

  1. Hello, thanks a lot for a good advice!

    However I have tried the Ctrl+ and seems to me it doesn’t work. At least not in the Outlook 2003. If anybody knows why please just leave me a note here..

    Anyway the first option is perfect :)


  2. How to increase Font Size in excel through Keyboard,,

    I found CTRL+Shift+ to increase and decrease but it not works in excel
    somebody help

  3. Thank you for writing this informative article.
    I’ve been reading for a while but I’ve never posted a comment.

    I’ve bookmarked your blog and shared this on my Twitter.
    Many thanks again for a quality article!

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