F7: Spell Check (Microsoft Office)

In most Microsoft Office apps (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook), tap F7 to begin the spellcheck process.

In the spellecheck dialog box, don’t forget to use Alt plus an underlined letter to hit the button! Using Alt+A to Add a correct word (such as your last name) to your custom dictionary is smart because it saves time in two ways — now, by saving you from having to use your mouse to hit the button, and later, by preventing this correctly spelled word from ever wasting your time again.

9 thoughts on “F7: Spell Check (Microsoft Office)”

  1. i want the shortcut keys of help , zoom control , show / hide , drawing , columns , insert ms-excel worksheet , insert table , format painter , spellings , print preview .you fools you can’t give us the shortcut keys

  2. Until the winword 10 you can spel check without using any mouse.
    After Word 10, The spell check menu do not work anymore.
    You can not work quickly by using the high performance shortcuts: Alt-g for Ignore All, Alt-c for change, Alt+i for ignore once etc. This is the annoying problem making difficult to understand the Microsoft policy annulling many useful thinks.

  3. I had to hit the fn key, then the f7 key to get the spell checker to open up on Word for Windows 10. Shift f7, f7, ctrl+f7, alt+f7 – nothing was working. Finally found fn (F NUMBERS) so it makes sense but I wish I could just F7 like the old days.

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