Ctrl+9: Hide Rows in Excel (Ctrl+Shift+9 to Unhide)

We’ll hit some more Excel tips this week.

In Excel, move somewhere in a row you want to hide and press Ctrl+9. The entire current row is hidden (and you don’t need to select the entire row, just have your cursor somewhere in the row).

Remember you can use Shift+Up Arrow or Shift+Down Arrow to select while moving; this way, you can select cells on several rows. Once you have cells from more than one row selected, all of those rows are hidden when you press Ctrl+9.

Next, try this: Press Ctrl+A to select the worksheet, then press Ctrl+Shift+9 — also known as Ctrl+( — to unhide all of the rows that are hidden.

One thought on “Ctrl+9: Hide Rows in Excel (Ctrl+Shift+9 to Unhide)”

  1. You should never hide rows or columns but use datagrouping instead. This will make it recognisable that data is “hidden”

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